Cinema Carpet for Hoyts Cinemas in Te Awa Hamilton selected Irvine Floors to produce a custom designed axminster carpet for their cinema complex in Hamilton.

Custom designed carpet from Irvine Floors, and we worked closely with Hoyts, to design a custom axminster carpet to best meet all their requirements, from aesthetics through to durability.  The carpet was designed and developed in New Zealand by our own in house carpet design team, who specialise in custom design axminster and dyed injected carpet for cinemas and other large entertainment complexes.

Design carpet expertise from Irvine Floors, enabled us to create a unique carpet design and yet still provide the flexibility required by the client to introduce individual spaces, each with their own ambiance.   These spaces were created through the use of colour, while flow was maintained through consistency with design.  The custom carpet design allowed flexibility which proved to be a key feature of the interior layout of the carpet scheme.  As Irvine International Floors have the ability to produce small custom colour and design runs, we were able to provide the exact square meterage required by Hoyts without having excessive waste.

For more information on designing a custom axminster, whether it be carpet for a commercial project or a custom design carpet for a home environment,  please visit the link below or contact us directly on 0800 377 753.

Hoyts Cinemas Te Awa
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