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Custom Carpets & Designer Rugs are an easy and cost effective option for any residential or commercial flooring project, whether it is a large commercial carpet design for an airport, hotel, cinema or a custom carpet runner for a domestic hallway Irvine Custom Carpets division is able to assist.

Bespoke Carpets and Rugs enable you to create freely the exact look and feel of an interior carpet fitout without being limited to standard stock carpet ranges and fixed sizes, we can make carpet to fit your exact requirements.

Custom carpet for any project can be designed by our in house carpet designer to your or your client’s exact requirements for an innovative carpet design that reflects the look and feel of your design, architecture or corporate brand, we can design a carpet to suit.

Constructed from Premium Wools of New Zealand certified 80%/20% Wool/Nylon Axminster Carpet, or from our high quality dye injected nylon carpet we have the exact carpet construction and carpet yarn system to suit your next project

Click on the below link to visit our full design carpet project portfolio and other custom designed carpet projects or call us on directly on 0800 377 753  for a free consultation.


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