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Rubber Flooring Suppliers NZ

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Rubber Flooring is lessening the impact on the environment, by reducing the number of rubber tyres that are going into landfill and producing a more economically responsible rubber flooring solution, either using rubber sheet rubber flooring or rubber tiles. Using state-of-the-art rubber flooring manufacturing equipment, our rubber manufacturer uses stripped rubber from old tyres ( up-cycling rubber tyres from Australia & New Zealand )to create new an up-cycled commercial rubber flooring product.

Commercial Rubber flooring is manufactured in Australia with very quick lead times to help for your next commercial rubber project, we can have product available within 2-3 weeks, or stock in New Zealand.

Custom coloured rubber flooring is also easily achieved to help fit into any commercial environment and enabling you to work with corporate or brand standards, please contact us to request a free custom rubber flooring trial sample.

Our Rubber Manufacturer converts over 7500 tonnes of recycled tyre rubber into various innovative rubber flooring products per annum. They hold thousands of tonnes of raw rubber materials and finished flooring rubber rolls and rubber gym tiles ready for immediate manufacture and dispatch. Manufactured to the highest standards our rubber floors also come with 3rd party accreditation for environmentally sustainable green build projects.

Acoustic rubber underlays are also proving to be extremely  in demand with the acoustic requirements of the apartment market and hi density housing, we can produce acoustic flooring underlays to your exact specifications and thickness.

For more information on Rubber sheet flooring, Rubber gym tiles, custom coloured rubber floors, acoustic underlay and rubber anti- fatigue matting please visit the link below or contact us directly on  +64 3 349 2140 or in NZ 0800 377 753 for a free consultation


Rubber Flooring Suppliers – NZ & Australia

rubber gym flooring rubber gym tiles recycled rubber flooring

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Rubber Flooring in Australia and New Zealand has a long successful history with hundreds of thousands of square metres being installed over the years.

Recycled car tyres turned into this fantastic new rubber flooring is the true meaning of recycling, or a more correct term would be “Up Cycling” as the waste car tyre rubber now has a much higher nett worth and a totally new life as a rubber flooring. And every time you are specifying our rubber flooring you are directly diverting rubber car tyres from landfills in both Australia and New Zealand, without the massive cost of shipping from further a field as it is Manufactured in Australia

Rubber Impact Tiles are just one of the massive offerings we have, they are manufactured in 1 metre x 1 metre size, 15mm thick, with top bevelled edges around the perimeter. The individual weight of each Rubber Gym tile makes them perfect for loose laid rubber installations, thereby eliminating adhesive costs and significantly reducing labour. This is perfect for the fitness centre owners who can treat the rubber floor as an asset which is removable if relocation is required.

Rubber Gym Tiles are mass produced so a simple range of colours is available with custom colour rubber tiles available upon request. Standard colours are a black base with either blue, red or grey coloured speckles or straight black.

For more information on rubber flooring, custom coloured rubber floors, please visit the link below or contact us directly on +64 3 349 2140 or in NZ 0800 377 753 for a free consultation

Carpet Tiles – New PURE Collection

Carpet Tiles from Irvine International Floors new PURE Contract carpet tile range use the best environmental initiatives are consistent with doing the right thing and operating in a manner that is transparent. To be a leader in environmental and social responsibility when it comes to manufacturing carpet tiles.  Pure carpet tiles are compelled to set an example for customers by looking for cleaner energy resources and waste reductions during the production of carpet tiles. Continually searching for new innovations in carpet tile technology to help produce and market new carpet tiles and thereby reducing raw materials used. Companies that clearly state their environmental initiatives will emerge as leaders.

Our reason for searching new environmentally healthy products and practices is simple. We believe in giving back to the community by creating better environmental practices and by being an active participant in the growth of individuals and communities. It is imperative that all of us, individuals and corporations, do what is right environmentally. We will continue to use innovation and technology to finding better solutions.

Carpet Tile Waste Reductions

PURE Contract Carpet Tiles have made great strides utilizing post consumer recycled content in all carpet tiles manufactured . For example, we have created and developed a carpet tile with 85% post consumer recycled content, PET bottles and glass. A minimum of 2 million pounds of glass is recycled annually into our carpet tile backing. It is our belief that our tile backing process is the most energy efficient process in the industry today because the majority of our input materials are diverted from landfills. Corporately have reducing waste sent to the landfills by 71% over the last five years, and have diverted over 1.6 million pounds of post consumer waste annually in our carpet offerings and 100 percent of our product offerings contain post consumer recycled content.

Additionally, our premium branded nylon, Avalar, contains pre-consumer recycled content. All Nexterra carpet tile products carry the NSF-140 Platinum Certification indicating our commitment to the economic, environmental and social requirements for a more sustainable carpet tile.

Carpet Tile Energy Savings

PURE Contract Carpet Tiles invest in Renewable Energy Credits and purchase renewable energy generated by wind farms for all of our commercial operations. We are committed to investing in renewable energy, joining other companies and individuals who encourage the development of cleaner energy. By purchasing clean green power, PURE Contract qualifies for the EPA’s Green Power Leadership Club, a distinction given to organizations that have significantly exceeded EPA’s minimum purchase requirements. Green Power Leadership Club members must purchase ten times the partnership’s minimum requirement organization –wide. We currently buy enough green power to meet 100% of our total purchased electricity in our commercial facilities.

Green power is electricity generated from environmentally preferable renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal and low-impact hydro. These resources generate electricity with a net zero increase in carbon dioxide emissions, while offering a superior environmental profile compared to traditional power generation sources. We use 91% less energy when compared to virgin materials by utilizing recycled plastic and polyester-based (PET) materials and glass for our carpet tile backing.

Carpet Tile Water Conservation

Conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. PURE Contract Carpet Tiles have eliminated the use of water in the manufacture of the Nexterra carpet tile backing and reduced water use at our manufacturing facility by 20% saving over 140,000 gallons of water annually. The vast majority of the yarns in our commercial products are solution dyed, eliminating huge water consumption necessary in yarn and piece dyed methods.

Carpet Tile Backing – NEXTERRA

Sustainability within a carpet tile can be met through intelligent design on the forefront. All PURE Contract carpet tiles are designed with sustainability in mind. We conducted an extensive LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) using PET(polyethylene terephthalate) as the primary plastic in the material composition of our backing.  We found using post consumer PET would lead to a 91% energy savings compared to virgin PET.
NEXTERRA , a backing with less energy and zero water which is lighter and stronger than conventional tile backing using post consumer PET and post consumer glass. Nexterra carpet tile backing can be fully recycled into new Nexterra backing at the end of it’s lifespan. Additionally, all of our products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy. All of the renewable energy we invest in occurs from 100% wind energy.

Puralex Carpet Tiles

The indoor environment people encounter everyday may be up to 10 times worse than the outdoor environment.  This is why Pure Contract includes Puralex, an indoor odor neutralizer, in every product manufactured.
Puralex works by breaking down most organic molecules in the air into inert material, contains no harmful chemicals and has no fragrance of its own. Independent testing using EPA approved methods shows Puralex reduces total VOC emissions by absorbing odors from the air. Actual results will vary based on proper room airflow conditions.

Enviromental Choice New Zealand &  NSF Certification

Every product in the PURE Contract product line is certified Platinum by the NSF-140 2007 Standard through NSF International & Enviromental Choice New Zealand. The NSF-140 standard is a point system with established requirements for performance covering six key areas: Public Health and Environment, Energy and Energy Efficiency, Bio-Based, Recycled Content Materials or Environmentally Preferable Materials, Manufacturing, Reclamation and End of Life Management, and Innovation. PURE Contract selected NSF International as the certification body because they are a non-profit organization and a

ANSI accredited certifier. NSF International has been certifying products to standards for 60 years, helping to ensure public health and safety.

Renewable Energy

We invest in Renewable Energy Credits and purchase renewable energy from 100% wind sources for all our operations. We are committed to investing in renewable energy, joining other companies and individuals who encourage the development of cleaner energy. All Renewable Energy Credits Pure Contract purchases are third party certified by the Center for Resource Solutions.

For more information or to have one of our commercial representitive visit please call us on directly on 0800 367 773

New Sustainable Carpet Tiles

This brand new carpet design trilogy of heavy duty commercial contract carpet tiles are the perfect addition to the already vast array of Irvine International Floors Nexterra carpet tiles  licensed by Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ). Strategically and creatively positioned, On Point , Point of View and The Brights carpet tile options and combinations offer limitless space-enhancing design flexiblity.  On Point features one of The Brights as an accent stripe and consists of three accent line carpet tile pattern configurations.  You can also customise On Point carpet tiles by choosing any Point of View background colour with any accent line colour from The Brights carpet tile range

The Nexterra backing of these carpet tile ranges contains no PVC, in fact they are manufactured from 85% post-consumer recycled content, ie discarded plastic bottles ( PET Bottles ) and recycled windscreen glass.

These carpet tiles all contain Puralex, which is an environmentally friendly odour neutraliser that purifies and freshens the air indoors.  Puralex not only makes the air smell better, but independent testing shows it reduces total VOC emissions 25-40% by absorbing unpleasant odours in the room.

For more information visit: call 0800 367 773

The Brights

Environmental Choice NZ Licensed Carpet Tiles

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On Point

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Point Of View

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Carpet Tile Take Back Scheme NZ

Carpet Tiles have been having a second life in New Zealand for many years, thanks to the efforts of Irvine International Floors and their supporters around New Zealand, and thus reducing the amount of carpet and carpet tiles ending  up in land fills.

Where existing carpet or carpet tiles are to be replaced with Irvine International floors product, we offer a Carpet Take Back Service. This involves our managing the process of uplifting existing carpet or carpet tiles that still have life left in them, and finding a new installation environment in which they can be re-used right here in New Zealand.

The product which is being replaced is offered free to Community Groups and the role Irvine International plays is in co-ordinating its uplift and finding an appropriate benefactor. In addition, all our quotations for projects involving carpet tiles we include maintenance stock to cover the rotation and replacement of worn carpet tiles.

Irvine International Floors is in the practice of thinking globally and ‘acting locally’ that way we can make our country and the world a better and more sustainable place by providing this carpet take back scheme.

Irvine International Floors,in conjunction with Dominion Property Funds, recently offered approximately 900 square metres of used carpet tiles free-of-charge to members of the Christian Supply Chain for use on their commercial projects. Christian Children’s Camps ‘Camp Columba’ and ‘Chosen Valley’ were the grateful recipients, as well as Victory Outreach Church.

The 900 sqm of carpet tiles were uplifted during a refurbishment project in Penrose Auckland, which was being managed by Dominion Funds. The tiles were made from Solution Dyed Nylon and in extremely good order. Irvine International Floors arranged for the contractor to uplift the tiles and stack them on pallets ready for freighting. The Christian Supply Chain only had to pay the freight charges to their destination.

As Chris Jereb of Dominion Funds explains “It only cost a little more to have the contractors place the carpet tiles onto pallets,rather than throw carpet tiles into a waste bin”. “We didn’t incur any dumping fees and we were happy to supply a couple of car spaces in order to store the tiles.”

Daniel Bailey, Assistant Manager of the Chosen Valley Christian Camp, writes: “We are very grateful for the  carpet tiles. The room has become much warmer and we can now use it for various other activities too. So, thanks again Irvine International Floors for blessing Chosen Valley Christian Camp.”

Both Irvine International Floors and Dominion Property Funds are members of The New Zealand Green Building Council.

Dominion Funds, in conjunction with the Ministry for the Environment, Building Research, Kiwi Income Property Trust and Multiplex funded The NZ Green Star Rating System.Dominion Funds seek to actively align themselves with NZGBC suppliers that are not only gaining Environmental Choice Accreditation, but have hands-on practical environmental policies.

Visitour web site on the below link or call us on 0800 367 773 for further Information.

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