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Rubber Flooring Suppliers – NZ & Australia

rubber gym flooring rubber gym tiles recycled rubber flooring

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Rubber Flooring in Australia and New Zealand has a long successful history with hundreds of thousands of square metres being installed over the years.

Recycled car tyres turned into this fantastic new rubber flooring is the true meaning of recycling, or a more correct term would be “Up Cycling” as the waste car tyre rubber now has a much higher nett worth and a totally new life as a rubber flooring. And every time you are specifying our rubber flooring you are directly diverting rubber car tyres from landfills in both Australia and New Zealand, without the massive cost of shipping from further a field as it is Manufactured in Australia

Rubber Impact Tiles are just one of the massive offerings we have, they are manufactured in 1 metre x 1 metre size, 15mm thick, with top bevelled edges around the perimeter. The individual weight of each Rubber Gym tile makes them perfect for loose laid rubber installations, thereby eliminating adhesive costs and significantly reducing labour. This is perfect for the fitness centre owners who can treat the rubber floor as an asset which is removable if relocation is required.

Rubber Gym Tiles are mass produced so a simple range of colours is available with custom colour rubber tiles available upon request. Standard colours are a black base with either blue, red or grey coloured speckles or straight black.

For more information on rubber flooring, custom coloured rubber floors, please visit the link below or contact us directly on +64 3 349 2140 or in NZ 0800 377 753 for a free consultation

Carpet Wholesalers & Manufacturers – New Zealand

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Carpet & Vinyl Wholesalers & Manufacturers Overview.

Carpet  & hard flooring wholesaler Irvine International specialise in the manufacturing, importing and distribution throughout New Zealand and the wider Pacific of both commercial and domestic… carpet, carpet tiles, axminster carpet,custom designed carpet, custom rugs, stock rugs, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles and acoustic wall panels.

Carpet ranges are produced to our own stringent carpet specifications and we are continually adding new carpet styles, constructions and colours. Working closely with international market leaders enables us to provide alternative carpet options and specialty flooring solutions.

Irvine International Floors has been producing both domestic and commercial flooring solutions since 1964 and we are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned.

Our commercial carpet project portfolio consists of some of the most prestigious installations in New Zealand and the Pacific such as; Eden Park carpet – Auckland, The Supreme Court carpet – Wellington, Te Papa Museum Vinyl Tiles -Wellington, Crowne Plaza Hotel carpet – Auckland, Auckland International Airport – Vinyl Tiles and Vinyl Planks, Hoyts cinemas carpet – Nationwide, Hyatt Hotel carpet – Auckland, Heritage Hotel carpet – Auckland, Auckland University carpet tiles, Christchurch Women’s Hospital – carpet and the list goes on, so please visit our website portfolio section for a detailed list and flooring image gallery.  ( see link below)

Flooring design showrooms are located in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with our bulk distribution centres in Auckland and Christchurch. we can provide a nationwide service for all sectors of the flooring market. Supported with a substantial New Zealand stock offering in domestic and commercial carpet, carpet tiles and vinyl, we are able to respond to your flooring requirements immediately.

Carpet wholesaler is not a word that can be used lightly it is vital that before you invest your money in a flooring product or distributor you invest in some time to visit us and our facilities in either Auckland or Christchurch.

Irvine International is an approved supplier to all quality flooring retailers including, but not restricted to:

Carpet Court nationwide, The Floor Store nationwide, Flooring Xtra nationwide, Hills Flooring’s, Smiths City stores, Guthrie Bowron home decorating stores and quality independent flooring retailers.

Visit our “Where to Buy” section for details of flooring retailers in your area.

Irvine International provide:

Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Commercial Carpet, Domestic Carpet, Axminster Carpet, Premium Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet (PSDN  Carpet), Marine Carpet, Automotive Carpet, Domestic Vinyl Tiles, Commercial Vinyl Tiles, Commercial Vinyl Sheet, Commercial Vinyl Planks, Domestic Vinyl Planks, Wall Vinyl, Acoustic Wall Panels, Pin Board, Acoustic Vinyl, and more…

please visit the link below or contact us directly on 0800 367 773.

Garage Carpet

garage carpet, car carpet carpet for garages, industrial carpet,carport carpet, garages

Carpet for you garage is becoming the norm rather than the exception these days, as home owners really start to make use of such a large area of their home that historically was used only for housing your car, who ever said garages are just for cars?

Carpeting your garage is the ultimate way to add value to your home while adding a fantastic extra living space for a very small investment. A garage doesn’t have to just be somewhere to keep a car, it can be a fully carpeted home office, home gymnasium, or just a great open play room for the kids to play on those rainy days.

We specialise in a large range of carpet ideally suited for residential garages. Our garage carpet is manufactured to withstand the friction of car tyres and, because of the carpets resin-backing, it allows moisture to flow through the carpet to the concrete sub-floor,where it is quickly absorbed and evaporated. Aside from looking smarter and feeling more comfortable,these carpets also protect from oil and grease, resist condensation and are non-conductive.

Garage Carpet  is a superb way of extending the versatility of your living space and substantially adding value to your residential investment and lifestyle … without costly renovations or fancy decorating! Carpet is a convenient, low maintenance product – great for laundries and utility rooms, sleepouts and holiday homes as well. The fibre in these carpets can also be UV stabilised for outdoor use, eg decking and other wet areas.

So, why not convert your garage space into a fully carpeted multi-functional haven for work or play. Perhaps somewhere the kids can have fun out of your hair and out of the rain, or somewhere you and your family can all keep fit through winter. Benefits of Carpeting your Garage to re cap: Garage Carpet adds another room to your house Garage Carpet is safer than a wet & slippery painted floor and helps prevent concrete deterioration Carpet Garages are warmer & reduces noise Carpet Garages reduces dirt tracked into the home.

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