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Rubber Flooring Suppliers NZ

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Rubber Flooring is lessening the impact on the environment, by reducing the number of rubber tyres that are going into landfill and producing a more economically responsible rubber flooring solution, either using rubber sheet rubber flooring or rubber tiles. Using state-of-the-art rubber flooring manufacturing equipment, our rubber manufacturer uses stripped rubber from old tyres ( up-cycling rubber tyres from Australia & New Zealand )to create new an up-cycled commercial rubber flooring product.

Commercial Rubber flooring is manufactured in Australia with very quick lead times to help for your next commercial rubber project, we can have product available within 2-3 weeks, or stock in New Zealand.

Custom coloured rubber flooring is also easily achieved to help fit into any commercial environment and enabling you to work with corporate or brand standards, please contact us to request a free custom rubber flooring trial sample.

Our Rubber Manufacturer converts over 7500 tonnes of recycled tyre rubber into various innovative rubber flooring products per annum. They hold thousands of tonnes of raw rubber materials and finished flooring rubber rolls and rubber gym tiles ready for immediate manufacture and dispatch. Manufactured to the highest standards our rubber floors also come with 3rd party accreditation for environmentally sustainable green build projects.

Acoustic rubber underlays are also proving to be extremely  in demand with the acoustic requirements of the apartment market and hi density housing, we can produce acoustic flooring underlays to your exact specifications and thickness.

For more information on Rubber sheet flooring, Rubber gym tiles, custom coloured rubber floors, acoustic underlay and rubber anti- fatigue matting please visit the link below or contact us directly on  +64 3 349 2140 or in NZ 0800 377 753 for a free consultation


Rubber Flooring Suppliers – NZ & Australia

rubber gym flooring rubber gym tiles recycled rubber flooring

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Rubber Flooring in Australia and New Zealand has a long successful history with hundreds of thousands of square metres being installed over the years.

Recycled car tyres turned into this fantastic new rubber flooring is the true meaning of recycling, or a more correct term would be “Up Cycling” as the waste car tyre rubber now has a much higher nett worth and a totally new life as a rubber flooring. And every time you are specifying our rubber flooring you are directly diverting rubber car tyres from landfills in both Australia and New Zealand, without the massive cost of shipping from further a field as it is Manufactured in Australia

Rubber Impact Tiles are just one of the massive offerings we have, they are manufactured in 1 metre x 1 metre size, 15mm thick, with top bevelled edges around the perimeter. The individual weight of each Rubber Gym tile makes them perfect for loose laid rubber installations, thereby eliminating adhesive costs and significantly reducing labour. This is perfect for the fitness centre owners who can treat the rubber floor as an asset which is removable if relocation is required.

Rubber Gym Tiles are mass produced so a simple range of colours is available with custom colour rubber tiles available upon request. Standard colours are a black base with either blue, red or grey coloured speckles or straight black.

For more information on rubber flooring, custom coloured rubber floors, please visit the link below or contact us directly on +64 3 349 2140 or in NZ 0800 377 753 for a free consultation

Outdoor Carpet & Rugs NZ

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Outdoor Rugs and Carpet from Irvine International Floors is a new era in the world of flooring.

Outdoor carpet this stylish is a must have for any outdoor entertaining areas, such as  outdoor area rugs for underneath your outdoor furniture or a outdoor pool mat at the end of your lap pool or spa pool, these rugs can also be perfectly integrated into indoor matting areas

Outdoor Furniture in New Zealand is such a large part of our life style and this fantastic new outdoor carpet meets high quality standards as to outdoor UV resistance, color retention, abrasion resistance and are resistant to chlorine and salt water.

Rattan outdoor Furniture in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and the balance of the Pacific Island has had a huge up take in its popularity and to complete your outdoor space you must view our new outdoor carpet & rug collections. Unlike traditional carpet fibers, these outdoor carpets don’t retain any moisture or dirt, resulting in a serious decrease of dust mites and mold.

Carpet cleaning is simple with the use of a high pressure cleaner or regular vacuum cleaner. Thus enhancing carpet  hygiene and making it very easy to maintain.

Irvine International Floors outdoor collection is ideally suited for area’s such as; deck carpet, veranda carpet, pool carpet, boat carpet, saunas mats, large mats under outdoor furniture both in domestic homes or in large commercial hotels or resorts .

Marine carpet is another fantastic area that now enables you to have both a high quality and style in your marine carpet selections, wether it is a mat in your fly bridge or a large area outdoor rug under a 6 piece outdoor setting on a super yacht, you will find the look you have been after.

But these new carpets can also be used inside as well in areas such as; pool house carpets s or mats, spas, solariums, fitness rooms, conservatories, retail shops, hotels pools or decks, restaurants, showrooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, dressing …etc

Please call us directly on 0800 367 773 for a free consultation or email us at