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Office Carpet Tile Suppliers NZ

Commercial office carpet Suppliers

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Office Carpet Tile applications with high traffic areas are always a crucial factor to get right in the corporate office environment at the early stages of your interior design fitout. Irvine Floorings’ large selection of office carpet & office carpet tiles has been a proven performer in the corporate office market over the last 20 years. We will help you make the right office flooring selection, whether it is carpet tiles for a main office floor area, or a custom-printed door mat with your company logo, or a commercial grade office vinyl for a locker room, staff kitchen or toilet area.

Office flooring is critical to get right first time and, with our nationwide representation and large stock holding of office grade carpets & vinyl flooring, we are ready to respond quickly to your next flooring project. As we are continually seeing examples of poor-performing carpet either purchased from or manufactured by unknown sources, and which have been recommended by so-called office flooring specialists, it is vital that you use our extensive background in the corporate office sector to eliminate any such potential risks.

Free interior, architectural & flooring design services are just part of the additional services Irvine Flooring can offer, with qualified staff in each of these sectors we can provide a comprehensive service from conceptual design through to measure, quote and installation and ongoing after-sales service and advice. With all the key features and benefits you have come to expect from an Irvine Flooring carpet, such as; Bleach Resistance, UV Fade Resistance, Anti-Allergenic, Easy Clean and the fact that they are stocked in New Zealand, you won’t be required to search any further for the perfect commercial office carpet for you next flooring specification.

Cheap Office carpet is something you should generally be very cautious about when looking for a long-term flooring solution, however some of our specialist industrial carpets fit very well into this cost-conscious end of the market. We can offer Office commercial carpet ranges at very aggressive prices, but without the problems associated with the average cheap carpet you may find at a local carpet clearance sale.

Areas we are regularly involved in throughout the corporate office sector are; High rise office tower carpet, Office Corridor carpet, office gymnasiums, outdoor carpet for office decks and ramps, non-slip vinyl for office toilets, changing rooms, cafeterias and wet areas, pinable wall panels and office notice boards, custom design office carpets incorporating company logos, dirt-stop office mats plain or custom designed, entrance mats and entrance matting systems, anti-static flooring for computer server rooms and many other speciality areas in offices around the country and the South Pacific.

Please visit the link below or call us directly on 0800 377 753 for a free consultation from one of our office flooring specialists.

Carpet Wholesalers & Manufacturers – New Zealand

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Carpet & Vinyl Wholesalers & Manufacturers Overview.

Carpet  & hard flooring wholesaler Irvine International specialise in the manufacturing, importing and distribution throughout New Zealand and the wider Pacific of both commercial and domestic… carpet, carpet tiles, axminster carpet,custom designed carpet, custom rugs, stock rugs, vinyl sheet, vinyl tiles and acoustic wall panels.

Carpet ranges are produced to our own stringent carpet specifications and we are continually adding new carpet styles, constructions and colours. Working closely with international market leaders enables us to provide alternative carpet options and specialty flooring solutions.

Irvine International Floors has been producing both domestic and commercial flooring solutions since 1964 and we are proud to be 100% New Zealand owned.

Our commercial carpet project portfolio consists of some of the most prestigious installations in New Zealand and the Pacific such as; Eden Park carpet – Auckland, The Supreme Court carpet – Wellington, Te Papa Museum Vinyl Tiles -Wellington, Crowne Plaza Hotel carpet – Auckland, Auckland International Airport – Vinyl Tiles and Vinyl Planks, Hoyts cinemas carpet – Nationwide, Hyatt Hotel carpet – Auckland, Heritage Hotel carpet – Auckland, Auckland University carpet tiles, Christchurch Women’s Hospital – carpet and the list goes on, so please visit our website portfolio section for a detailed list and flooring image gallery.  ( see link below)

Flooring design showrooms are located in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with our bulk distribution centres in Auckland and Christchurch. we can provide a nationwide service for all sectors of the flooring market. Supported with a substantial New Zealand stock offering in domestic and commercial carpet, carpet tiles and vinyl, we are able to respond to your flooring requirements immediately.

Carpet wholesaler is not a word that can be used lightly it is vital that before you invest your money in a flooring product or distributor you invest in some time to visit us and our facilities in either Auckland or Christchurch.

Irvine International is an approved supplier to all quality flooring retailers including, but not restricted to:

Carpet Court nationwide, The Floor Store nationwide, Flooring Xtra nationwide, Hills Flooring’s, Smiths City stores, Guthrie Bowron home decorating stores and quality independent flooring retailers.

Visit our “Where to Buy” section for details of flooring retailers in your area.

Irvine International provide:

Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Commercial Carpet, Domestic Carpet, Axminster Carpet, Premium Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet (PSDN  Carpet), Marine Carpet, Automotive Carpet, Domestic Vinyl Tiles, Commercial Vinyl Tiles, Commercial Vinyl Sheet, Commercial Vinyl Planks, Domestic Vinyl Planks, Wall Vinyl, Acoustic Wall Panels, Pin Board, Acoustic Vinyl, and more…

please visit the link below or contact us directly on 0800 367 773.

Auckland Home Show 2010 – PSDN Carpet

SDN Nylon carpet, PSDN carpet, Irvine International Carpet

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Irvine International Floors are proud to be at the 2010 Auckland Home Show with Ian Hunt Floorings Carpet Xtreme.

Carpet your home and recieve a Free 32″ LCD TV* with every house-lot of Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) Hilton Carpet, Opulence Carpet or Westminster Carpet purchased from Ian Hunt Floorings Carpet Extreme. Conditions apply so please see on stand or in store for full details, carpet offer ends 31.10.2010

Irvine Carpet sales staff on stand to help answer all your technical carpet questions or ask us a question online now or call 0800 367 773.

Remember if you can’t find what you  are looking for with regards to your flooring requirements, wether it’s a custom sized rug, custom designed rug, custom coloured carpet, domestic garage carpet or designer vinyl flooring chances are we will be able to help.

So beat the GST increase on carpet, and have new carpet in your home for Christmas.

For more information visit: or call 0800 367 773

New Sustainable Carpet Tiles

This brand new carpet design trilogy of heavy duty commercial contract carpet tiles are the perfect addition to the already vast array of Irvine International Floors Nexterra carpet tiles  licensed by Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ). Strategically and creatively positioned, On Point , Point of View and The Brights carpet tile options and combinations offer limitless space-enhancing design flexiblity.  On Point features one of The Brights as an accent stripe and consists of three accent line carpet tile pattern configurations.  You can also customise On Point carpet tiles by choosing any Point of View background colour with any accent line colour from The Brights carpet tile range

The Nexterra backing of these carpet tile ranges contains no PVC, in fact they are manufactured from 85% post-consumer recycled content, ie discarded plastic bottles ( PET Bottles ) and recycled windscreen glass.

These carpet tiles all contain Puralex, which is an environmentally friendly odour neutraliser that purifies and freshens the air indoors.  Puralex not only makes the air smell better, but independent testing shows it reduces total VOC emissions 25-40% by absorbing unpleasant odours in the room.

For more information visit: call 0800 367 773

The Brights

Environmental Choice NZ Licensed Carpet Tiles

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On Point

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Point Of View

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Carpet Warranty Fine Print

Carpet warranties in New Zealand have some of the biggest traps in the building industry when it comes to selecting your next new carpet.

Flashy point-of-sale branding, warranty claims of up to 15 years wear and 15 year colour fast warranties all sound great - but you must dig deeper to get the real facts on the carpet’s life expectancy.

A client came into our Showroom the other day with a carpet sample (not one of our’s) and asked if we had a similar-looking carpet offering a similar wear warranty as that sample, ie 15 years. I asked  her what exactly was covered in that 15 year wear warranty.  She explained she wasn’t entirely sure, as she hadn’t read all the details in the warranty document she was given (as I’m sure is the case with most consumers). After a quick read of her carpet warranty it stated that the carpet she was considering was indeed warranted for 15 years against wear.  However, the manufacturer’s acceptable tolerance for wear was stated as being able to lose up to 40% of its face fibre over this period before it was considered eligible for claim against warranty.

We were both quite shocked that a warranty statement which sounded so compelling actually transpired to mean that a new carpet could lose almost half its carpet fibre over 15 years before it was deemed to fall within the terms and conditions covering the warranty. 

Compare this with our Irvine International Floors premium solution dyed nylon carpet (PSDN) that this customer prudently decided to purchase:  PSDN carpet also comes with a 15 year wear warranty, however our fine print states the carpet will not lose more the 10% of its face fibre over this period, ie 30% more margin extended to cover wear than the manufacturer of the original carpet sample brought into our Showroom by that customer.

Carpet stain warranties are another trap for the uneducated carpet buyer, many have been stating at15 year stain free warranty, but again the fine print excludes stains from foods that contain food colouring ( how many foods don’t have food coloring these days?)also exluded tea, coffee and even red wine arguably the most common causes for staining a carpet are excluded, so really how good is this carpets stain free warranty? I will post more detailed information on carpet stain warranties shortly.

For more information visit: or call 0800 367 773


Carpet Buying Guide-Solution Dyed Nylon

What is a Premium Solution Dyed Nylon (PSDN) Carpet?

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet refers to how the colour of the carpet yarn is produced.  Solution dyeing involves injection of colour pigment into the nylon polymer while it is in a molten state, so that the colour becomes part of the yarn’s molecular structure. Simply put … it’s like a carrot and a radish.  SDN is like the carrot -  ie the colour  is all the way through.  Space or piece dyeing (as in the case of wool) are like a radish, ie the carpets yarn is white to begin with and then colour is only applied to the outside of the yarn, making it susceptible to fading and at risk of also being lifted during stain removal on this type of carpet.

Benefits of SDN Carpet

Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet (SDN) has precision colour uniformity and is exceptionally colour-fast and fade-resistant.  Dyeing before extrusion and makes the carpet yarn non-porous and therefore incapable of absorbing moisture.  This means that spills and liquid accidents cannot penetrate the fibre, but rather sit on the surface making them easier to remove – hence the term Stainproof carpet.   Because the colour is all the way through, harsh stains can be removed with what would normally be considered aggressive cleaning techniques, without fear of lifting the carpets colour along with the stain.  For example Stubborn stains on Premium Solution Dyed Nylon carpet (PSDN) can be removed with a mixture of 50% Bleach : 50% Water.  (NB:  Not all SDN carpet quality is such that it can sustain this cleaning method, so seek manufacturer’s instructions before attempting!)

In order to get the full benefits from Solution Dyed Nylon  Carpet, it is wise to check that the carpet backing is also solution dyed.  This ensures that it too carries the same stain-resistant qualities as the carpet, ie doesn’t absorb moisture, is resistant to mould and mildew, remains odour-free, and is rot and shrink proof.  The backing on all Premium SDN carpet ranges (PSDN) is also made from Solution Dyed fibre.  (NB: Carpet treatments such as Scotchguard are topical treatments only, and can eventually wear off the outside of the yarn after numerous cleanings.)

Non-Allergenic & Anti-Microbial Qualities

Dust in the air carries germs!  The more dust, the more allergens and contaminants.  PSDN carpet is manufactured from Bulk Continuous Filament Nylon (BCF) and will not shed or fuzz.  To further explain; wool from a sheep can only be produced in a finite length and then it must be joined to another length and so on in order to make a strand of wool suitable for the manufacture of textiles.  Shedding and pilling, which is a huge contributor to dust and allergens, occurs where there is wear and rubbing on these joins.  Because the nylon in PSDN carpet is man-made, it can be produced in lengths without joins (BCF), therefore no shedding or fuzzing will ever occur.  Carpet ranges made from PSDN are also anti-microbial, as they undergoe a unique pre-washing process (EcoWash) which effectively removes natural lubricating oils (used in the carpet manufacturing process), on which microbes may survive.

What should I look for when buying a Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet?

Not all Solution Dyed Nylon carpet is created equal!  Ensure that you are confident that the warranties associated with specific brands match your requirements, eg wear warranty, manufacturing defect warranty, UV Fade warranty, etc.

Premium SDN (PSDN) is manufactured from the finest Nylon which is heat-set to keep the fibre stable in order to withstand the weight of both people and furniture.  This means that it will retain its appearance and resilience for an extremely long time.  An effective test to determine the yarn quality of an SDN carpet, and therefore the quality of its appearance retention, is to rub a small section of carpet between your thumb and forefinger for 10-15 seconds to ensure the nylon polymers do not burst and matt together, always ask what the twists per metre are and as to see documentation PSDN has 280 twists per metre.

How Environmentally Friendly is the Manufacture of SDN Carpet?

Not all SDN carpet manufacturers are focused on Environmentally Sustainable manufacture.  If this is important to you, check that the carpet has been manufactured by a reputable company with current ISO14001 & ISO9001 certification.  This international standards qualification focuses on continuous improvements in production and many manufacturers with an environmental conscience engage independent contractors to monitor these improvements.
PSDN carpet ranges are manufactured by a fully certified ISO14001 & 9001 manufacturer.


Long gone are the days of cheap and shiny synthetic carpets that squeak when you walk on them!  A good quality SDN carpet will have the look and feel of wool, but afford many more attractive benefits to the modern-day consumer.  Premium SDN (pSDN) carpet is an excellent choice for all traffic areas (residential & commercial) because it is durable, static-free, stain-resistant and fade resistant.

For more information visit: or call 0800 367 773

Carpet Carpet and More Carpet

Carpet can be one of your most costly spends in any interior fitout, if you make the wrong carpet choice now, it will cost you even more to rectify any flooring issues later down the track.

As the title of this article implies “carpet, carpet and more carpet” where should an interior designer, architect or end consumer start with their selection process when looking for carpet? With so much carpet available on the market both in New Zealand and around world it can be a confusing and daunting process choosing the right carpet.

Carpet fibre types such as premium solution dyed nylon (PSDN), standard solution dyed nylon (SDN), piece dyed nylon, 100% wool, 80% wool 20% nylon, polypropylene, polyester and more recently corn starch fibres, so what’s the right carpet fibre for your environment ?

Now there the decision on the carpets actual construction, will you select a cut pile carpet, loop pile carpet, cut pile and loop pile carpet (LCL or Level Cut Loop)  and will it be a tufted carpet, woven Axminster carpet, Wilton carpet, or maybe an industrial grade carpet such as needlepunch.

Carpet tile or broadloom carpet is you next option and most of the above listed carpet types come in both carpet tile and rolls.

As you are starting to see there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right carpet, so rather than you becoming a total flooring expert you should visit our website on the below link and then us call us on 0800 367 773 for a free consultation before you rush out and select you new carpet.

New Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet

Commercial Carpet selection for applications of high traffic is always a crucial process to get right at the early stages of your interior design fitout. With yet another solution dyed nylon carpet to add to the Irvine International Floors already large range of carpets, it will help you make the right flooring selection even easier.

Fleet Street Carpet is a commercial loop pile carpet and uses 100% solution dyed nylon which is produced as a BCF  ( Bulk Continuous Filiment ) carpet fibre, this eliminates the carpet shedding and fuzzing. Combined with all the other key features you have come to expect from a Irvine International Floors carpet, such as; Bleech resistance, UV fade resistant, Anti-Alegentic, easy clean and the fact this carpet is in stock in New Zealand, you won’t be left looking for the perfect commercial carpet for you next flooring specification.

Cheap carpet is something you should generally be very carefull with when looking for a long term flooring solution, however Fleet Street Carpet fit’s very well into a fantastic quality carpet at a very argressive price, without the problems asscociated with the average cheap carpet you may find a local carpet clearance sale.

Fleet Street SDN Carpet ( Solution Dyed Nylon)  is ideally suit for commecial areas such as; commercial office carpet, school carpet, healthcare carpet applications, (note we can add an impervious carpet backings to this and many other ranges) and general commercial carpet applications, please contact us for full details on the below link.

Carpet Warranty:

7yr UV Fade 7yr UV Fade Warranty
10yr Commercial Wear 10yr Commercial Wear Warranty


Please visit;  or phone 0800 367 773 for full techical details and carpet colours.